EndoDtec-F™ (1 mg) – EDF-1001.01


EndoDtec-F™ in a secure shipping case with one 1 mg/vial


EndoDtec-F™ can be used to uncover bacteria on surfaces, in environmental samples, injectable drugs or medical devices. It is compromised of a 34 amino acid chain (Factor C Sushi peptide) with a rhodamine tag for detection. EndoDtec-F™ has high specificity for Gram-negative bacteria and high accuracy for endotoxin detection.

Shipping and Storage:
Upon receipt of EndoDtec-F™ store frozen and in a dark compartment/area. EndoDtec-F™ is shipped at ambient temperature.

Price: $599.00

EndoDtec-F™ Product Sheet

BDTI – MSDS – Sushi Peptide

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