EFW-7000.01 – Endotoxin-Free Water (<0.01 EU/ml) (4 x 30 ml)


Endotoxin-Free Water in a secure shipping case with four 30 ml/vials.



Endotoxin-Free water is available in orders of 120 ml. Each order contains four 30 ml/vial aliquots. The water is ultrapure (18.2 MΩ.cm at 25°C, TOC < 5 ppb) and pyrogen-free (<0.01 EU/ml).

Alternate aliquots of endotoxin-free water are available as a custom order.  For information about custom orders contact us at info@biodtechinc.com.

Shipping and Storage:  Upon receipt of endotoxin-free water store at 2-6˚C.  Endotoxin-free water is shipped at ambient temperature.

Price:  $99.00

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