EBR-3001.61 – EndoBind-R™ Single-Use (6 x 1 ml columns)


EndoBind-R™ Single-Use in a secure shipping case with six pre-packed 1 ml columns.



EndoBind-R™ is an affinity chromatography medium that has high binding strength for endotoxin. This multi-purpose product covers a broad range of conditions with no specific equipment or buffer requirements. EndoBind-R™ effectively removes endotoxins from aqueous samples.

Single-Use EndoBind-R™ has a lower endotoxin capacity than standard EndoBind-R™ and is not validated for re-use or regeneration.  Single-Use EndoBind-R™ comes in 1 ml pre-packed columns.  Bulk aliquots can be purchased as a custom order.  For more information on custom orders contact us at info@biodtechinc.com.

Shipping and Storage:  Upon receipt of EndoBind-R™ store at 2-6˚C.  EndoBind-R™ is shipped at ambient temperature in 0.02% sodium azide.

Price: $199.00

EndoBind-R™ Protein Application Notes

EndoBind-R™ DNA Application Notes

EndoBind-R™ Single-Use Instruction Booklet

EndoBind-R™ 1 ml Single-Use Product Sheet

BDTI – MSDS – Sushi Peptide

BDTI – MSDS – Sodium Azide

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