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BioDtech, Inc. (BDTI) was formed in September 2003 to accelerate the development of technologically advanced products geared toward the endotoxin market. Three key factors differentiate BDTI from other organizations involved in the detection of endotoxin

  • Our products focus exclusively on endotoxin.
  • Our company provides the ability to not only detect but neutralize and remove endotoxin associated with Gram-negative bacteria.
  • We have the ability to provide both quantitative and qualitative results to the end user.

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Shortly after its founding, BDTI conducted extensive market research in the existing endotoxin marketplace. We discovered an opportunity existed to develop new technology based on existing patented research (Factor C Sushi peptide). BDTI negotiated a license agreement with the National University of Singapore for the exclusive worldwide rights to develop specific research products and technology as related to endotoxin detection, neutralization and removal.

In addition to this, BDTI has begun to scope out strategic partnerships with other biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and medical device companies that could utilize our technology with their existing portfolio of products. We recently developed a clinical assay based on endotoxin exposure that is currently being tested for its applicability in a wide range of diseases. In the years ahead, BDTI anticipates that our technology will become integral in endotoxin management and clinical testing.